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Children arrive and are greeted by the nursery practitioners that are sat in the circle for circle time activities.

Children start the morning with circle time that is a daily routine for the children to clap hands together to see who came to school today, are encouraged to share their news and talk about the weather, the seasons and day of the week and month which can include talking of special occasions and celebrations of different faiths and cultures EG Christmas, Divali, Chinese new year and Eid. We will then have a time for the circle leader to implement phonics with the children. In circle time they introduce 3 letters to support phonics on a weekly basis. This activity will then continue in the literacy area. Children are then asked to choose which activity they would like to go to and the practitioners will lead them at that activity. Two children are also asked to independently choose an activity of their choice from the choice board which can be played with at the carpet area and in the small world area.

Within this activity the setting will implement British values of

  • Democracy,
  • Individual Liberty,
  • The rule of law,
  • Respect and Tolerance

The 4 categories are able to implement the prevent duty that insures all children are safeguarded from any risk of harm.

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